Chronological index of Plessner’s writings

This bibliography has a history. It is based on the first online bibliography of Plessner’s work created by Joachim Fischer, who in turn drew from the bibliographies of Salvatore Giamusso (Dilthey-Jahrbuch vol. 7, 1990-91) and Lieselotte Stern (Wesen und Wirklichkeit des Menschen: Festschrift fuer Helmuth Plessner, ed. Klaus Ziegler, Goettingen 1957). In recent years, numerous experts on Plessner have enhanced the bibliography with their additions, corrections, and newly discovered writings. We would be remiss not to mention Hans-Ulrich Lessing, Kersten Schueßler, Tobias Reichelt, Joachim Fischer, Karl-Siegbert Rehberg, Heike Delitz, and especially Carola Dietze. The HPG thanks all those who have contributed. We decided to create a new version of the bibliography for two reasons. For one, it is important for there to be a single bibliography including all of Plessner’s publications, i.e., the writings published by Plessner himself as well as the posthumously published writings and letters. For another, it allows us to create a better overview by introducing shorthands for titles—which is especially helpful when making references within the bibliography, e.g., to new editions, revisions, or translations.

Matthias Schloßberger / Guido K. Tamponi

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