Englische Übersetzung der Macht-Schrift erschienen

Im Dezember 2018 ist bei Northwestern University Press ›Political Anthropology‹, die englische Übersetzung von Plessners ›Macht und menschliche Natur (1931)‹, erschienen.
„Political Anthropology“ Dezember 2018, Evanston, Ill., Northwestern University Press (translated by Nils F. Schott, an introduction by Heike Delitz and Robert Seyfert and an epilogue by Joachim Fischer).
In Political Anthropology (originally published in 1931 as Macht und menschliche Natur), Helmuth Plessner considers whether politics—conceived as the struggle for power between groups, nations, and states—belongs to the essence of the human. Building on and complementing ideas from his Levels of the Organic and the Human (1928), Plessner proposes a genealogy of political life and outlines an anthropological foundation of the political. In critical dialogue with thinkers such as Carl Schmitt, Eric Voegelin, and Martin Heidegger, Plessner argues that the political relationships cultures entertain with one other, their struggle for acknowledgement and assertion, are expressions of certain possibilities of the openness and unfathomability of the human.
Die Übersetzung wurde finanziert von der HPG, die Drucklegung vom Plessner Fonds Groningen unterstützt.

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